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PVC Shrink Film

> Plastic shrinkable material by using hot air to shrink fit.

> to enhance the quality of your product more presentable.

> protect your content being tampered and damaged.

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Order No.PictureDescriptionDimensionPrice (RM) Per BundlePacking Qty/BundleShipping Weight (kg)Add To Cart
5524-PSFPVC Shrink Film 170500mx170mm 186.00177.00167.00158.00149.001 roll/bundle6.30
5527-PSFPVC Shrink Film 8"250mx203mm 130.00125.00115.00106.0098.001 roll/bundle4.90
5528-PSFPVC Shrink Film 10"250mx254mm 150.00144.00132.00122.00113.001 roll/bundle5.10
5529-PSFPVC Shrink Film 12"250mx305mm 151.00146.00134.00123.00115.001 roll/bundle6.50
5530-PSFPVC Shrink Film 14"250mx356mm 171.00165.00151.00140.00130.001 roll/bundle7.50
5531-PSFPVC Shrink Film 16"250mx406mm 193.00186.00171.00158.00146.001 roll/bundle8.00
5532-PSFPVC Shrink Film 18"250mx457mm 215.00207.00190.00175.00163.001 roll/bundle10.00
5533-PSFPVC Shrink Film 20"250mx508mm 235.00226.00208.00192.00178.001 roll/bundle11.00
5534-PSFPVC Shrink Film 22"250mx559mm 255.00245.00225.00208.00193.001 roll/bundle11.00
5536-PSFPVC Shrink Film 5"500mx127mm 142.00137.00126.00116.00108.001 roll/bundle6.40
5537-PSFPVC Shrink Film 6"500mx152mm 151.00146.00134.00123.00115.001 roll/bundle6.65
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