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PVC Shrink Film
Plastic shrinkable material by using hot air to shrink fit to enhance the quality of your product and protect your content being tampered and damaged.
Order No.DescriptionDimensionPrice (RM) Per BundlePacking Qty/BundleShipping Weight (kg)Add To Cart
5524-PSFPVC Shrink Film 170500mx170mm 186.00177.00167.00158.00149.001 roll/bundle6.30
5527-PSFPVC Shrink Film 8"250mx203mm 130.00125.00115.00106.0098.001 roll/bundle4.90
5528-PSFPVC Shrink Film 10"250mx254mm 150.00144.00132.00122.00113.001 roll/bundle5.10
5529-PSFPVC Shrink Film 12"250mx305mm 151.00146.00134.00123.00115.001 roll/bundle0.00
5530-PSFPVC Shrink Film 14"250mx356mm 171.00165.00151.00140.00130.001 roll/bundle0.00
5531-PSFPVC Shrink Film 16"250mx406mm 193.00186.00171.00158.00146.001 roll/bundle0.00
5532-PSFPVC Shrink Film 18"250mx457mm 215.00207.00190.00175.00163.001 roll/bundle10.00
5533-PSFPVC Shrink Film 20"250mx508mm 235.00226.00208.00192.00178.001 roll/bundle0.00
5534-PSFPVC Shrink Film 22"250mx559mm 255.00245.00225.00208.00193.001 roll/bundle0.00
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