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Light weight cushioning material, can be

easily use to wrap around product to protect from drops and

shock. It can also be use as voidfill material by squeeze into a

rolled up ball and insert into the void area. Superb cushioning

and easy to use.
Order No.DescriptionDimensionPrice (RM) Per BundlePacking Qty / BundleShipping Weight (kg)Add To Cart
2001-BSLBubble-Pak In Sheet (S/Layer)1mx1mxØ10mm pc/bundle0.79
2002-BSLBubble-Pak In Roll (S/Layer) 10mx1mxØ10mm 20.0019.0018.0017.0016.001 roll/bundle3.60
2003-BSLBubble-Pak In Roll (S/Layer)50mx1mxØ10mm 71.0067.0064.0060.0057.001 roll/bundle32.96
2004-BDLBubble-Pak In Roll (D/Layer) 50mx1mxØ10mm 102.0097.0092.0087.0082.001 roll/bundle43.59
2005-BSLBubble-Pak In Roll (S/Layer) 25mx1mxØ25mm 61.0058.0055.0052.0049.001 roll/bundle41.72
2006-BSLBubble-Pak In Roll (S/Layer)50mx0.50mxØ10mm 38.0036.0034.0032.0030.001 roll/bundle20.25
2007-BSLBubble-Pak In Roll (S/Layer)10mx0.50mxØ10mm 13.0012.0012.0011.0010.001 roll/bundle4.00
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