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Zip-Lock Bag

> reclosable bag with zip at the opening.

> keep products and use as he needs and reseal back the balance.

> produce by strong LDPE material.

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Order No.PictureDescriptionDimensionPrice (RM) Per BagPacking Qty / BagShipping Weight (kg)Add To Cart
8101-ZIPZip-Lock Bag (2" x 3")51mmx76mm pcs/bundle0.15
8102-ZIPZip-Lock Bag (3" x 5")76mmx127mm pcs/bundle0.15
8103-ZIPZip-Lock Bag (4" x 6")102mmx152mm pcs/bundle0.20
8104-ZIPZip-Lock Bag (5" x 8")127mmx203mm 13.0012.0011.0010.0010.00100 pcs/bundle0.30
8105-ZIPZip-Lock Bag (6" x 9")152mmx229mm 17.0016.0015.0013.0013.00100 pcs/bundle0.40
8106-ZIPZip-Lock Bag (7" x 10")178mmx254mm 20.0019.0018.0017.0016.00100 pcs/bundle0.50
8108-ZIPZip-Lock Bag (9" x 12")229mmx305mm 31.0029.0027.0024.0023.00100 pcs/bundle1.00
8109-ZIPZip-Lock Bag (10" x 16")254mmx406mm 47.0045.0041.0038.0035.00100 pcs/bundle1.20
8110-ZIPZip-Lock Bag (14" x 20")356mmx508mm 102.0097.0090.0081.0076.00100 pcs/bundle1.50
8111-ZIPZip-Lock Bag (12" x 18")305mmx457mm 56.0053.0050.0045.0042.00100 pcs/bundle1.70
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