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> ready RSC Carton stock with various sizes to choose.

> Single Wall for small item and to carry lighter weight products.

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Order No.PictureDescriptionDimension (L x W x H)Price (RM) Per Bundle Qty / BundleAdd To Cart
1005- RSBCarton Boxes (S/Wall-RSC)186x186x74mm 20.0019.0018.0017.0017.0010 pcs
1006- RSBCarton Boxes (S/Wall-RSC)186x186x165mm 26.0025.0023.0022.0021.0010 pcs
1029-RSBCarton Boxes (S/Wall-RSC)220x220x230mm 29.0027.0025.0024.0022.0010 pcs
1017-RSBCarton Boxes (S/Wall-RSC)280x280x220mm 33.0031.0030.0028.0026.0010 pcs
1016-RSBCarton Boxes (S/Wall-RSC)360x320x190mm 34.0032.0030.0028.0026.0010 pcs
1027-RSBCarton Boxes (S/Wall-RSC)420x215x215mm 32.0029.0027.0025.0023.0010 pcs
1021-RSBCarton Boxes (S/Wall-RSC)460x340x100mm 40.0038.0036.0034.0033.0010 pcs
1015R1-RSBCarton Boxes (S/Wall-RSC)462x358x298mm 69.0063.0059.0056.0053.0010 pcs
1004-RSACarton Boxes (S/Wall-RSC)520x360x400mm 61.0056.0052.0049.0047.0010 pcs
1026-RSACarton Boxes (S/Wall-RSC)530x200x300mm 40.0036.0034.0032.0030.0010 pcs
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