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Bubble Mailers (Kraft)

> bubble padded envelope for better protection.

> light weight and easy to use.

> replacement for bulky boxes for light and small product shipment.

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Order No.PictureDescriptionDimensionPrice (RM) Per BundleQty / BundleShipping Weight (kg)Add To Cart
5001-BPMBubble Mailers (6 3/8" x 9")162mmx229mm 18.0017.0016.0015.0014.0010pcs0.61
5002-BPMBubble Mailers (7" x 10")178mmx254mm 21.0020.0018.0017.0017.0010pcs0.76
5004-BPMBubble Mailers (10" x 12")254mmx305mm 29.0026.0024.0022.0021.0010pcs1.22
5005-BPMBubble Mailers (10" x 15")254mmx381mm 32.0029.0027.0025.0023.0010pcs1.53
5006-BPMBubble Mailers (12" x 16")305mmx406mm 35.0033.0030.0028.0026.0010pcs1.89
5007-BPMBubble Mailers (14" x 18")356mmx457mm 45.0041.0038.0035.0033.0010pcs2.45
5009-BPMBubble Mailers (8" x 11")203mmx279mm 28.0025.0023.0022.0020.0010pcs1.11
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