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Mic-Pac (Polystyrene bits)

> easy to use for void filling. 

> automatic create interlocking.

> superior cushioning material.

> block and protect your product from drops.

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Order No.PictureDescriptionVolumePrice (RM) Per BundleQty / BundleShipping Weight (kg)Add To Cart
3001-MPPLoose Fills (0.25 cubic feet) pack/bundle1.58
3003-MPPLoose Fills (7.00 cubic feet)65.0062.0058.0055.0051.001 pack/bundle41.11
3004-MPPLoose Fills (14.00 cubic feet)127.00120.00115.00108.00101.001 pack/bundle82.23
3010-MPPLoose Fills (1.25 cubic feet)15.0014.0014.0013.0012.001 pack/bundle8.13
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