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Inflatable Air Cushion Bag

> specially designs comes in flat, inflate by using air blower.

> it can be inflated when needed and deflated and re-inflated for reuse. 

> easy to use and improve work efficiency and clean.

> replacement for foams or paper currently used. 

> only 2% of inflatable volume when dispose. 

> excellent cushioning and void-fill material

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Order No.PictureDescriptionVolumePrice (RM) Per BundleQty / BundleShipping Weight (kg)Add To Cart
3005-ACBInflatable Air Cushion Bag (0.12 cbf)200mmx300mm 129.00122.00116.00110.00103.00250 pcs/bundle1.76
3006-ACBInflatable Air Cushion Bag (0.16 cbf)250mmx300mm 114.00108.00102.0097.0091.00200 pcs/bundle1.68
3007-ACBInflatable Air Cushion Bag (0.30 cbf)250mmx400mm 132.00126.00118.00112.00105.00200 pcs/bundle2.22
3008-ACBInflatable Air Cushion Bag (0.35 cbf)300mmx400mm 139.00133.00125.00118.00112.00200 pcs/bundle2.54
3011-ACBInflatable Air Cushion Bag150mmx250mm 119.00109.00100.0094.0087.00200 pcs/bundle1.05
3012-ACBInflatable Air Cushion Bag400mmx500mm 218.00200.00184.00171.00160.00200 pcs/bundle4.55
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