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Air Tube in Rolls


Inflatable tube rolls are use to pack extremely fragile product, 

e.g. metal can, glass bottle and etc.

Easily inflated by using manual or electrical air pump as when 

as you need. Savings in storage space.

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Order No.PictureDescriptionDimensionPrice (RM) per BundleQty / BundleAdd To Cart
2012-ATRAir Tube in Rolls (200)150mx200mm 210.00192.00178.00165.00154.001 roll/BDL
2013-ATRAir Tube in Rolls (400)150mx400mm 285.00261.00241.00224.00209.001 roll/BDL
2014-ATRAir Tube in Rolls (600)150mx600mm 396.00363.00336.00312.00291.001 roll/BDL
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