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Geami Ex-Box

> eco-friendly alternative to bubble-wrap, airbag or eps beads.

> comes in a neat dispenser box, which you expand as you wrap your items.

> improve your packing speeds, and taking up less space in your warehouse. expands to 230 metres of Geami material.

> grip itself when folded and do not requires tape.

> superior cushioning properties to your product from direct impact and shock during drops.

> your customers will be impressed by the presentation and safety of their wrapped goods.


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Order No.PictureDescriptionDimensionPrice (RM) per BUNDLEQty/BundleShipping Weight (kg)Add To Cart
9013-GMIGeami Ex-Box 500 (while stock last)230mx500mm 380.00380.00380.00380.00380.001 box/bundle12.94
9016-GMIGeami Ex-Box (MINI) -Introductory Offer135mx230mm 260.00260.00260.00251.00240.001 box/bundle6.73
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